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ألعاب الممرات
المطور: Mode 13
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The graveyard is filling up with souls, and you must ferry them across the river Styx to the afterlife. Move your boat with lightning-fast reflexes, avoiding peril at every turn:

- Steer clear of hungry reavers lurking beneath the surface.

- Stay away from stray skeletons lest one of your souls decides to possess it in hopes of cheating death.

- Beware the caskets washed up from graves dug too shallow.

- Evade the felled tree trunks scrawled with ashen symbols of dark sorcery.

- Deliver your souls away from the pentagrams. Should they set foot on one, they will burst into flame, trying to drag their departed brethren down with them.

Enjoy the eerie default background music or use one of your own playlists as the background music. Start your playlist, then start Psychopomp, and your music will continue playing in the game!